GravatarImagine how excited I was to receive Jack Sutter’s invitation to participate on Sutter’s Press!

Just the thought that someone other than a family member (or those 2 readers chained in my basement) would be interested in my writing had my heart all a-twitter.

Of course, I accepted the invitation.  I mean Sutter’s Press has way more followers than Cordelia’s Mom, Still (yes, yes, I know that’s hard to believe), and I can use all the exposure I can get.

Jack Sutter is a brave man. He doesn’t just offer guest post slots to other bloggers like the rest of us do – he actually gives other bloggers access to this blog.  Whoa – I can even check this blog’s stats!  Which, of course, can be a little depressing if they happen to be better than mine on any given day.

Anyway …

In preparation for my new authorship opportunity, I decided to go into the WP Admin section of Sutter’s Press to familiarize myself with it and to see who else has signed up.  The company here is wonderful – there’s Jack himself, and April, and Tricia, and Rolling Blogger [see the right side bar].  And there are all their gravatars right on the home page!

Ah, but where was the CM gravatar?

gravatar iconI’ve noticed over the past year or so that many times when I comment on another blogger’s post, instead of my neat little gravatar appearing, my comments were displayed with one of those generic G, squiggly, or silhouette pictures.  I found it annoying, and I couldn’t understand it since my gravatar appeared on some blogs, but not others.  I even asked Cordelia if she could explain it.  The best we could determine was that some bloggers didn’t allow my gravatar for whatever reason (but they allowed everyone else’s, so how do you think that made me feel?)

I let it go as best I could. Maybe not everyone loves me as much as they should.

But today, I really wanted my gravatar to appear on Sutter Press.  Dammit, I want people to know who I am!  I want people to get excited when they see that cute little pen-and-paper picture!

So I started fiddling around with the WP options in my own administrative settings.

Guess what? (It’s an easy guess.)

silhoetteMy gravatar disappeared from my OWN blog! Now all I had was a silhouette picture!

I tried WP Help and couldn’t understand their instructions on how to re-enable a gravatar. I tried going through the entire gravatar choosing process, re-uploading the photo, re-cropping it.  Nothing.  It was totally pissing me off.

Just as I was about to get one of those WP Happiness Engineers involved, I clicked something and a new screen came up asking me to set up a gravatar. I didn’t even know at that point what site I was on – for all I knew some hacker in Transylvania was about to find a way to grab all my financial information.

But desperation makes one do strange things.

Again, I re-uploaded and re-cropped the photo. Again, I indicated that I wanted that photo as my gravatar on all my WP sites.

And lo and behold (maybe there is a God!), my gravatar became live! I started clicking “like” on every post I could find just to make sure my gravatar appeared and not a squiggly box.  And it did.  (Hold on there folks, don’t get those pitchforks out just yet.  I do like all of your posts, sometimes I just forget to click that button – so today I was just making up for that oversight.)

And now I’m ready to be a contributor to Sutter Press. Aren’t you all absolutely thrilled?

I intend to post periodically on Sutter Press – just as soon as the idea fairy visits my house. I promise the wait will be well worth it.


I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages [links can be found over on my site], or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com or notcordeliasmom@aol.com


Top gravatar image by Cordelia’s Mom; click on others for credit link



    1. You’re welcome…and conversely, thank you for posting. I’m definitely looking forward to future posts 😀 . Sorry to hear about the avatar issues you were having, but I’m glad you got ’em sorted out 😉 .


  1. Who knows whether I am the Head Woozle or the Panda in Chief? I certainly don’t! Congrats on this new forum. The …um…not young ladies of the internet salute you! Oh, and can you send those couple of readers chained up in your basement home? It’s time for their naps and cookies.


  2. Oh great post! I was wondering about the Sutter Press and how it will get started and I think you’ve just got the ball rolling. If you happen to see that idea fairy can you direct her my way?

    Oh WP is so strange about their setting! I completely lost my Gravatar for a day once too, I have no idea how or how I was able to get it back. Now I”m dealing with trying to shut off email notifications as I prefer to just come to the site but nothing works and my inbox is stuffed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m looking forward to sharing space with you. Yes, WP never makes things easier. In fact, when I was adding that post, I had to keep going back to the old dashboard to edit it because the new settings just didn’t work for me.

      Liked by 1 person

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