The American Candidate

Originally Published on Heart of a Lunatic on September 9th, 2015

When it comes to presidential candidates I’m a fan of Trump. Barring any radical shifts to my worldview, he’s getting my vote. One of the reasons: he seems to look at “democrat” and “republican” the same way I do. The only reason he’s running as a Republican, imo, is because you can’t win unless you pick one of the two major parties. You just can’t. And that fucking guy, when he sets his sights on something he plays to win. He’s close enough to Republican cliches that it’s the sensible party to go with, but he’s not bound by those, or by the failings of the party.

His appeal isn’t from being a republican.
It’s from being competent, and from being American.
He appeals to people in every group across the board.

Less in some and more in others, sure, but almost exclusively he’s the one with the most support from all the different segments of the populace the political analysts and politicians like to divide us into. Largely, I think, because he’s a pragmatist. Because love him or hate him, you know where he stands. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s led a successful life in the real world. He hasn’t spent his whole life performing and pandering under false pretenses.

Career politicians don’t know how to do much of anything except make speeches and play to the crowd. They don’t think for themselves, and even if they did it wouldn’t matter. They’re bought and paid for. They wouldn’t use their own reasoning to make decisions even if they could think, because they would also be thinking about the interests of their contributors, and the perception the general public has of him or her. Donald Trump, in contrast, is paying his own way.

He doesn’t have to pretend because he’s already famous (and widely respected) for who he is. Some folks like to poke fun, sure, but not in any meaningful way. You can make fun of his hair, but for the most part no one’s stupid enough to go after a guy like him with 2nd grade quips about how he looks. Hell, the only ones even in a position to take a shot have tried far more effective tactics and failed to slow him down.

  • Megyn Kelly tried to smear him as a misogynist and it didn’t work.
  • Most major media outlets tried to paint him as a joke, soon to implode, and it backfired.
  • Critics tried to cast him as a racist and they failed.

Probably because he’s none of these things. Every attempt to say he is has been a twist of facts, a deliberate misinterpretation of statements he’s made, or else outright lies. All you have to do is a little bit of research. Ramos being thrown out? He broke the rules of conduct for a Q&A session. At the expense of every other reporter in the room no less. Watch the footage yourself on YouTube, it’s not hard to find, and decide for yourself what happened there.

The one about him going bankrupt four times? He answers candidly when asked about it. They were companies he controlled, four out of who knows how many. He himself has never been bankrupt. The type of bankruptcy was for restructuring purposes, declared to exploit loopholes in the local legislation. In Atlantic City if I’m not mistaken; some of them might have been in other places, but the point is if you look into it even a little the facts bear out his side of things.

Not just with this, but with almost everything critics have tried to use against him.
From his supposedly sexist remarks to his supposedly racist assertions.

If you dig into it, it’s pretty clear he’s not a racist or a sexist, he’s never been bankrupt, and the laws he used to his advantage weren’t created by him. Ethically, exploiting the weaknesses in local legislation doesn’t bother me. It just goes to show he’s smart enough to take advantage of loopholes and blind-spots, something I think would be great in an American leader. Something I think would be an invaluable skill in a President, especially since he’d be likely to appoint people with similar qualities as members of his cabinet and unafraid of tossing them if they sucked.

I’ll take that over a continuation of the political charade that’s gone on for decades.

And you know…

I’ve got to say, I don’t particularly like talking about political bullshit here. I care enough about what’s left of our system to stay informed and to cast a vote in every election, whether it’s local or national, but beyond that I tend to keep it to myself. This election cycle is a little different though. The political discourse isn’t purely bullshit this time around, thanks in large part to Trump. More than that though, this time I actually see someone running who I can believe in.

That we can believe in.


Stupid Party Distortions

Originally Published on Heart of a Lunatic on June 30th, 2016

As the two major parties now exist, each seem to try for their own strange blend of American and anti-American values. That’s why I’ve never really favored one or the other; the cliches of extreme nutters on each side both hold true more often than I’m comfortable with. Right wing douche bags are the ones who can’t seem to argue or debate anything without calling their opponents libtards or other similar bullshit terms, and left wing jack asses are the ones who seem unable to come up with anything more thought out than calling their opponents bigots, fascists, and so on.

Sometimes, I can’t deny they’re spot on, but usually it seems like both extremes are bullshit. I touched on this in The American Candidate when I mentioned the criticism Trump receives for not having been a life-long Republican and why his questioned allegiance to the party doesn’t mean shit to me, but I’d like to take another look at it all the same. Both parties have anti-American sentiments built into their ideology, and I’d like to look at each of those.

Democratic officials and representatives tend to have socialist leanings (ref. Socialism Is… to see what I think of that), a habit of wanting to suppress freedom of speech when it’s not politically correct enough for them, and an inability to work with representatives on the other side of the aisle. They also seem inclined to take a position or agree with others in blatant attempts to pander to minorities instead of following the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

That’s what they get wrong on the left side of things.

Republican politicians, in contrast, tend to have over-the-top “small government” sentiments, a horrid penchant for attempting to blur the lines between church and state, and – like a great deal of Democrats – an inability to work with representatives from the other party. And they pander to evangelicals far more than they should, which is worth mentioning apart from blurring church and state because when they do this, it’s not even because they believe in what they’re saying.

It’s because they want to sell themselves to Christian voters.

Not all politicians are guilty of that short, shitty list of negative tendencies either, but I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say most of them are. So that’s a brief run-down of how each side can’t seem to get it right. Oh, and Democrats generally advocate for strict gun control, a very un-American tact in my opinion, because the 2nd Amendment exists for a reason. Plus a lot of Republicans like to talk shit about religions, which would be fine, except that a lot of them somehow think theirs is special.

The things they each get right should, ideally, be bound up together into one party.

They are, in fact, bound together in that they’re true to American values.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom of choice, self reliance, pragmatism, being the best. In an international context especially, those values matter. They’re the difference between looking out for our own interests or letting other nations take advantage of us – which is what they’re doing now. The trade deficits we have with various countries (China, Mexico, Japan, even Vietnam…) are a direct result of leaders and representatives not putting America or Americans first. The current issues with illegal immigration are a direct result of the same thing.

Originally this was just going to be a post about how the two parties both suck, but my enthusiasm for Trump ties into this particular topic seamlessly. Take your pick of his policies and actually read them, keeping in mind that they’re all built on the fundamental idea of putting America 1st, and I don’t see what’s so difficult to understand about them. They’re comprehensive, altogether coherent, practical, and above all they would be effective if implemented. Don’t believe me?

Take a look for yourself…

Immigration Reform

Second Amendment Rights

Tax Reform

Veterans Administration Reform

U.S.-China Trade Reform

Healthcare Reform

And even a direct, crystal clear explanation of how and why Mexico would pay for his proposed wall on our southern border. (Note to the Reader: all links here to the website Donald Trump used during his campaign are now, 9 months into his Presidency, dead links; you can find up to date information on his policies and positions under the Issues tab at In addition to all of that, he published a book in 2015 (Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again) detailing these policies, laying out the depth of them, how they would work, and why they make sense. Anyone looking to vote in this election, especially the most skeptical voters, ought to at least read the policy papers published on his website.

Despite what his loudest (and rudest) critics would like people to believe, there’s a lot of substance to what he’s put forward thus far, and if they would actually read his policy positions they would also find that no ethnicity is singled out, neither gender is favored or even mentioned.

The lines of division have to do with nations, and Americans (of both genders and every ethnicity) would be protected from abuse from other nations (trade deals, military favors, foreign aid, etc.) and foreigners (illegal immigrants, poorly vetted refugees, etc.). I really do struggle to understand how people who are skeptical of him and his policies can’t seem to wrap their minds around that. It won’t all be easy to implement, but they’re simple, straightforward, common sense policies.

They’re the kind of policies you would expect to see from an America that still believes in self reliance, still believes in individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that still believes in standing up for oneself – whether on an individual level or an international one. That still believes in greatness and in our potential as individuals, and as a nation, to achieve it.

Sutter Press: America 1st

I am not a journalist but I take an avid interest in politics. I like to commentate and often do so on my social media platforms and personal site. That’s not primarily what my main site is about though; it’s about myself, ideas and thoughts I have on whatever I feel like writing about, quotes, music, whatever. In contrast to that, Sutter Press was originally going to be geared towards gaining wider exposure for various writers, for anyone interested. I lost interest and eventually, so did most of the contributors that signed up.

This whole concept is going to be retooled to be politically oriented. Would love to have contributors, pro-American, opinionated. This will not be “journalism” this will be opinions, analysis, and commentary. Feel free to let me know if you’re interested in adding YOUR voice to the mix. If any past contributors who were a part of the original version of this site would lik eto join in, you’re more than welcome. This is not going to be a free for all. Generally speaking I’d like to see fellow Trump supporters – whether they’re aggressively critical of his behavior, gushing with love for the Pres, or somewhere in between I’m looking for folks who are ultimately pro-Trump.

If you fit that bill, say so in the comments and message me your e-mail on Facebook, on my personal page ( or on the page for Sutter Press ( I’ll receive the message either way and invite you via wordpress with the e-mail address provided to me.

Never Trumpers and folks who are interested in nothing more than shit talking about the guy or his policies, are not welcome as contributors. You’re free to say ANYTHING you want in the comments, those will never be censored (the core concept of this new direction if that Free Speech Matters). I’m looking to build a biased publication; honest and accurate when citing events, information, statistics, etc, but definitively pro-American and pro-America 1st.

Mistakes will be forgiven so long as they’re corrected.

Habitual lying and distortions, even if they’re well intentioned, won’t be tolerated. Any contributors who engage in that behavior deliberately will simply be removed. I’m not interested in unbiased journalism, but I’m just as uninterested in working with liars and propagandists. Do not bullshit the readers if you sign up to contribute to this.

That’s all I’ve got to say; if you believe free speech matters and this sounds like it would be something you’re into, hit me up where on Facebook or in the comments.

Sorry for the delay.

I haven’t posted on Sutter Press in so long!! How’s everyone doing? I am down and out because of an antibiotic treatment today, so I am a little short in the inspirational category today, but hey, I am still blogging!! 

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Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When I first saw today’s Daily Post Word “Borrowed”, I admit, my thoughts first went to this cherished old saying for weddings. But I had no idea where to take it. 
Sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board, come up with new ideas. My second thought was about how we all borrow. We borrow from neighbors, we borrow our own lives. Unless you will be here an eternity from now, all this, all you see is borrowed. 
But now, my mind is coming back to that old saying. Some people borrow a hand kerchief, some people borrow a dress, or a tie. And then there was the most touching thing I have ever seen at any wedding ceremony I have ever been to. Luckily, it was mine. 
I have spoken of my wife in my blog before, but I have never spoken of her parents. They are awesome people. Sadly, we don’t get to see them very often because they live in Montana. Her dad is now 80 years old. He has Alzheimer’s. For some people it can be suffering, but for him, he has his fair share of pain, but he is so far into the depths of this terrible disease he doesn’t remember. I have had the honor of seeing one moment of clarity, which I will remember for the rest of my life. 
Okay, back to June 29th, 2013. That was the day my bride and I got married (even though I didn’t go to the courthouse to get the marriage license). Her daddy was not able to make the trip to Minnesota for the ceremony. 
So, the time for the daddy/daughter dance. I didn’t even have any idea this was about to happen, but it did!! Not a dry eye in the house as my father got up for the daddy/daughter dance. And it didn’t stop there!! There were a few other men who stepped up as well. If there is one thing I know for sure, my bride is loved!! Even though her real daddy couldn’t be there, many father figures stepped up for the occasion. For a song, my bride got to borrow other daddies!!